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Virtual data center (vDC)

  Basic vDC Committed vDC Performance Optimized vDC
The ideal edition for your requirements Pay as you go: pay only for what you use. Ideal for development and test environments. Pre-defined packages: transparent prices based on fixed package sizes with a burst capacity of at least 25 % for greater flexibility. DSI vCloud Performance Optimized vDC delivers constant high compute performance and exclusive resource reservation for applications with high workload. 100% of the CPU and RAM resources are reserved for your vDC. The virtual CPU is exclusively assigned to the physical CPU of the host system.
Usage model Freely selectable resources Fixed resources with a flexible component Permanently reserved resources
Billing model Usage-based Fixed and usage-based component Fixed price model
Minimum usage term None 3 months 3 months
Recommended for Test and development environments Live environments Environments with high and constant performance requirements
Benefits A high degree of flexibility and no fixed ongoing costs Variable usage possible at all times to cover peak loads Dynamic like a shared platform and performance like a dedicated platform
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