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Open Telekom Cloud

The secure, scalable IaaS solution based on OpenStack provided from German data centers. Flexible computing, storage, and network on demand.

    Computing, storage, network, and security from the public cloud
    Can be booked easily and flexibly as required, incl. minute-based billing
    Simple integration into existing infrastructure
    Operated exclusively in high-security German cloud data centers
    No vendor lock-in – open cloud standards, based on OpenStack

Product Services

  • Elastic Cloud Servers provide VMs: for graphics applications, SAP, virtual workplaces, or Big Data.
  • Auto Scaling: automatic scaling of the number of servers through load monitoring
  • Image Management Service manages the users’ images in the Open Telekom Cloud
  • Dedicated Hosts provide virtualization based on dedicated server resources
  • Bare Metal servers offer pure hardware resources without virtualization with a host operating system
  • Object Storage: save large data volumes affordably and securely
  • Elastic Volume Service provides block storage (SATA, SAS, SSD) for Elastic Cloud Servers
  • Volume Backup Service offers a disk-based backup service for automated backups
  • Cloud Server Backup Service enables backups and restoring of complete application landscapes
  • Scalable File Service offers flexible network storage for growing data volumes
  • Virtual Private Cloud for the secure separation of virtual resources and protection against unauthorized access
  • Elastic & Unified Load Balancer distributes the load across Elastic Cloud Servers as required
  • Elastic IPs provide public IP addresses for servers and networks
  • Direct Connect enables efficient and dedicated access to the cloud via Ethernet Connect or MPLS
  • DNS converts IP addresses into domain names and facilitates working in internal and external networks
  • Anti-DDoS offers protection against attacks and undesired access, and ensures availability of the services
  • Price Online Display (POD) displays resource prices and offers a preview of the costs incurred
  • Tag Management Service for the administrative allocation of technical resources
  • Cloud Trace offers detailed logging functions, even for audits
  • Distributed Message Service: use of message queues to synchronize cloud resources
  • Short Message Notification: exchange of messages between cloud resources and/or individuals
  • Straightforward import of cloud data via Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS)
  • Cloud Eye Service: effective monitoring service for all services, incl. dashboard, reporting, and alarm functions
  • Identity & Access Management: identification and authentication services
  • Cloud Container Engine for straightforward entry into the world of containers with Docker and Kubernetes
  • Relational Database Service offers flexible use of pre-defined SQL databases
  • Distributed Cache Service: in-memory database and cache service for fast data access based on Redis
  • Workspace Service generates cloud-based desktops with access to workplaces via any device
  • Big Data: comprehensive package for analysis or streaming clusters of large data volumes via MapReduce Service
  • Bitnami: software library with over 140 applications