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  • Computing, storage, network, and security from the public cloud
  • Can be booked easily and flexibly as required, incl. minute-based billing
  • Simple integration into existing infrastructure
  • Operated exclusively in high-security German cloud data centers
  • No vendor lock-in – open cloud standards, based on OpenStack

Product Services

    • Elastic Cloud Servers provide VMs: for graphics applications, SAP, virtual workplaces, or Big Data.
    • Auto Scaling: automatic scaling of the number of servers through load monitoring
    • Image Management Service manages the users’ images in the Open Telekom Cloud
    • Dedicated Hosts provide virtualization based on dedicated server resources
    • Bare Metal servers offer pure hardware resources without virtualization with a host operating system
    • Object Storage: save large data volumes affordably and securely
    • Elastic Volume Service provides block storage (SATA, SAS, SSD) for Elastic Cloud Servers
    • Volume Backup Service offers a disk-based backup service for automated backups
    • Cloud Server Backup Service enables backups and restoring of complete application landscapes
    • Scalable File Service offers flexible network storage for growing data volumes
    • Virtual Private Cloud for the secure separation of virtual resources and protection against unauthorized access
    • Elastic & Unified Load Balancer distributes the load across Elastic Cloud Servers as required
    • Elastic IPs provide public IP addresses for servers and networks
    • Direct Connect enables efficient and dedicated access to the cloud via Ethernet Connect or MPLS
    • DNS converts IP addresses into domain names and facilitates working in internal and external networks
    • Anti-DDoS offers protection against attacks and undesired access, and ensures availability of the services
    • Price Online Display (POD) displays resource prices and offers a preview of the costs incurred
    • Tag Management Service for the administrative allocation of technical resources
    • Cloud Trace offers detailed logging functions, even for audits
    • Distributed Message Service: use of message queues to synchronize cloud resources
    • Short Message Notification: exchange of messages between cloud resources and/or individuals
    • Straightforward import of cloud data via Migration-as-a-Service (MaaS)
    • Cloud Eye Service: effective monitoring service for all services, incl. dashboard, reporting, and alarm functions
    • Identity & Access Management: identification and authentication services
    • Cloud Container Engine for straightforward entry into the world of containers with Docker and Kubernetes
    • Relational Database Service offers flexible use of pre-defined SQL databases
    • Distributed Cache Service: in-memory database and cache service for fast data access based on Redis
    • Workspace Service generates cloud-based desktops with access to workplaces via any device
    • Big Data: comprehensive package for analysis or streaming clusters of large data volumes via MapReduce Service
    • Bitnami: software library with over 140 applications